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Orange Swaddle Sleep Sack

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Your Baby's Snug Hug for Safe and Sound Sleep

Give your baby the gift of better sleep with the Swaddle Sleep Sack, the world's first 3D knit seamless swaddle. It provides the perfect blend of comfort, safety, and freedom, creating an ideal environment for serene and self-soothing sleep. As your child grows or starts to roll over, it easily transitions into a wearable blanket for increased movement, just leave their arms out to ensure safety and comfort. This feature makes the Swaddle Sleep Sack a thoughtful and practical gift for new parents.

Our Hug Technology® gently cradles your baby to self-soothe through Moro reflex and active sleep, encouraging a deep sense of calm. Designed in compliance with AAP guidelines, the Swaddelini ensures a secure fit around the chest and appropriate looseness around the hips for safe and comfortable infant care. 

In this Swaddle Sleep Sack, your little one spends each night in comfort and safety, warmed by the echo of your caring embrace with the innovative design of Hug Technology®.

World’s First 3D Knit Swaddle

Help your baby sleep and control the moro-reflex that often wakes them up. With our “Hug Technology” you and your baby will discover a new kind of sleep!

  • Care Instructions

    Swaddelini is ready to use right out of the packaging and easy to care for.

    ⭐ May work better with diaper flap facing down (brand tag facing up)

    ⭐ May work with PJs, or onesie/pants combo, or just a diaper and socks underneath.

    ⭐ Swaddelini Original should be washed on cold and tumble dried on low. If it shrinks, give it a good stretch back to its original size. 

    ⭐ The Swaddelini Bamboo can be washed and dried with heat.

  • Recommended Sizing

    The Swaddelini small size goes from about 6-12 pounds. The large goes from 12 pounds up to 18 pounds and both can be used as a transition swaddle. When the baby rolls over, leave arms out! This makes the Swaddelini a wearable blanket.

  • Baby Shower Gift

    If you are buying this for a baby who is yet to be born, I highly recommend the small size even if you are told they are going to have a big baby.

  • Special Customizations

    If your baby has Clubfoot, I make a special product just for them. All you have to do is email me your order number and I will make a note in my system. Email me at