Safety at the Heart of Every Swaddle

At Swaddelini, our dedication to your baby’s safety shapes every product we create. Our Swaddle Sleep Sacks are not just cozy and comfortable; they meet rigorous safety standards to ensure your peace of mind.

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Thoroughly Tested, Parent Approved

Before our Sleep Sacks reach your home, they undergo extensive testing and certification processes. This isn’t just about meeting standards — it’s about exceeding them.

  • Third-Party Validation: Every Swaddelini undergoes rigorous testing by world-class textile safety laboratories, ensuring the yarn meets OEKO-TEX standards, and both design and materials comply with design hazard testing and CFR1610, guaranteeing safety for your baby.
  • Comprehensive Safety Studies: Passing suffocation hazard testing and detailed tests for fabric breathability and thermal regulation, Swaddelini has a TOG (Thermal Overall Grade) of 0.7 and gentle compression of 1-5 mmHg, the lightest on the market.
  • Award-Winning Assurance: Our Swaddle Sleep Sacks have earned multiple awards for innovation and safety, allowing them to be used by NICU units to help reduce tremors and crying in babies born with withdrawal symptoms and other unique needs, highlighting our industry-leading approach.
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Transparent Practices for Trusted Comfort

We believe in full transparency when it comes to product safety:

  • Certified Materials: Our fabrics are certified for safety, with tests showing they are free from hazardous substances and safe against your baby’s delicate skin.
  • Suffocation Hazard Testing: We conduct worst-case scenario testing to ensure our products maintain the highest safety standards, even in unexpected situations.
  • Thermal and Breathability Checks: Regulating temperature and airflow is crucial. Our Sleep Sacks are tested for optimal thermal comfort and breathability, helping prevent overheating.

Your Baby’s Safety Is Our Priority

We understand that nothing is more important than your baby’s safety. That’s why we’re transparent about our safety tests and results. If you have any questions about our testing processes or certifications, our customer care team is ready to provide the information you need.

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Suffocation Test

We trusted Intertek to perform testing of our product in the worst case scenarios. They measured CO2 emmissions and found that our swaddelini product passed every single time.

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Compression Test

We took the measurements of babies on the smallest and largest ends of the swaddelini size range to use for these tests. Compression measures in millimeters of mercury. For example the lightest weight compression sock you can find for air travel will be 10-15 mmhg. The swaddelini came out at between 1-5 mmhg dependign one baby's size.

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