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The Swaddelini Story

New Mom Solves Old Problem

As a new mother, Liz Hilton faced the same challenge many parents do — finding the perfect swaddle. Leveraging her expertise as a 3D knitting specialist with her company KNITit, Liz invented the Swaddelini. Engineered as a single seamless piece, it's escape-proof, soft, breathable, comfortable, and most importantly, safe.

Today, Liz’s quest to improve her child's sleep has led to a groundbreaking innovation that helps millions of babies and parents worldwide, revolutionizing the baby care industry!

Swaddelini Milestones

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Founding of KNITit, setting the stage for innovation.

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Recognition and growth through the "100 ideas" accolade.

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Awards for sustainability and innovation, cementing Swaddelini's place as a leader in baby care solutions.

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A challenging year that led to a strategic pivot and new beginnings.

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Swaddelini goes viral, touching lives globally.

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Mission and Vision

Elevating Every Baby’s Sleep

Swaddelini’s mission goes beyond comfort to create a safe, nurturing sleep environment for every baby.

Our patented Hug Technology® delivers continuous comfort reminiscent of a parent’s embrace, inspired by therapeutic garments designed for children with special needs. The Swaddelini doesn’t just help babies sleep, it enhances their wellbeing.

Our Commitment to Community

Proudly based in Holland, Michigan, Swaddelini champions local craftsmanship and ethical production. We’re committed to using sustainably sourced, USA-made yarns and keeping our production local, ensuring that every Swaddelini reflects our dedication to quality, community, and sustainability.

When You Shop Small, Big Things Happen

Each purchase of a Swaddelini is more than just a transaction; it's an investment in quality sleep, a sustainable future, and a community that values the health and happiness of every child. Experience the world's only 3D knit swaddle with Hug Technology® and give the gift of peaceful rest today.

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