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Hugs over Tugs

It’s 2am. Your baby has escaped the burrito… again! Your baby wakes up crying every 20 minutes from the moro-reflex. What do you do with that little Houdini? The answer? Swaddelini! Why use your brute force to wrap a baby tightly? Sure they love the compression but they also like to move and wiggle! Swaddelini has hacked it! Give your baby that hug feeling all night without restricting their movement. They can kick but they can’t kick out of it!

World's First 3D Knit
Escape-Proof Swaddle.

Available Now in Bamboo & Original

What Swaddelini Offers

Longer stretches of sleep are just a hug away! Hug Technology® uses light compression therapy to deliver the comfort your baby needs.

  • Hug Technology®
  • Arm Tubes
  • Transition
  • Sizing
  • Soft
  • Stretchy
  • Diaper Flap

Hug Technology®

Hug Technology® Our trademarked light compression therapy will soothe your baby during those late night moro-reflex jolts. This helps babies sleep better for longer. Does your baby like their hands by their face? That is because they want to self soothe after the moro reflex. With the Swaddelini you can let the Hug Technology® do that for them.

  • Light compression therapy

  • Allows Motion

  • Hug sensation

  • Easy to watch them breathe

Do you have a little Houdini?

These arm tubes have built in compression therapy and are the key to soothing your baby after the moro-reflex so they don’t wake you up! These arm tubes also prevent face scratching and boob scratching! They also make the Swaddelini escape-proof!

  • Face scratching resistant

  • Breast scratching resistant

  • Hug Technology ®

  • Escape-proof

  • Allows movement

Is your baby 

rolling over?

When your baby learns how to roll over simply leave their arms out of the side tubes and they can rest safely in the Swaddelini as a wearable blanket.

The Right Fit

The Swaddelini small size goes from about 6-12 pounds. The large goes from 12 pounds up to 18 pounds and both can be used as a transition swaddle. If you are buying this for a baby who is yet to be born, I highly recommend the small size even if you are told they are going to have a big baby.

Quality Material

  • Original: The original Swaddelini is made from 100% recycled fibers with moisture-wicking technology. All yarns are sourced in the USA.

  • Bamboo: The Bamboo Swaddelini is sourced from where bamboo grows best! The bamboo fiber is naturally moisture-wicking and made in a mechanical process. No chemicals! 


The Swaddelini is 3D knit. It stretches in all directions! There are no bulky seams because it is made in one seamless piece. There are also 0 closure systems. It just goes on and off like a sock!

Diaper Flap

The bottom flap allows for easy access to pull arms through side tubes and helps you change the diaper in the middle of the night without having to take the swaddle on and off. Flap may also be used to insert a bilirubin pad.

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Swaddelini Swaddles are back in stock! We have multiple colors and size options for you to choose from for your little one. We typically ship within 24 hours of your order online. However this may vary depending on inventory. We also don't work weekends. 

  • Hug Technology®

  • 1st 3D Knit Swaddle

  • Moisture Wicking

  • Easy Change Access

  • Award-Winning

  • Eco-Friendly

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