Because Every Hug Counts

Swaddelini wraps your baby in a hug of innovative comfort and safety, ensuring their peaceful sleep and your peace of mind.

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Comfort, Safety, Innovation: The Swaddelini Promise

At Swaddelini, we blend the art of comfort with the science of safety. Our one-of-a-kind sleep sacks offer gentle compression, easy care, and a tailored fit for your precious one.

  • Hug Technology
  • Soft & Stretchy
  • Easy to Use
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Hug Technology

Our unique Hug Technology® offers gentle, reassuring compression, mimicking a parent’s soothing embrace. It’s designed to calm after they experience the Moro reflex, promoting tranquil sleep and a sense of security for your baby.

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Soft, Comfortable, Durable

Crafted with care in the USA and certified safe, our sleep sacks combine softness with durability. They’re easy to maintain and built to last, providing your baby with enduring comfort and safety through countless nights.

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Easy Use, Easy Care

Our sleep sacks offer effortless usability and care, coupled with a tailored fit for babies of all sizes. Simplify your life with a product that evolves with your baby’s needs, ensuring comfort at every stage.

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Our Mission

Make Soothing Sleep a Breeze

Are you ready for peaceful nights and happy naps? Swaddelini brings security and serenity to your baby’s rest, promoting a safe, comfortable sleep for them and a worry-free life for you. Our certified safe designs ensure that every time you lay your baby down, you’re wrapping them in a cocoon of care and comfort. They’ll feel safe, secure, and sleepy! Join the Swaddelini family, where every bedtime is a step toward a brighter, more restful future.

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