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sleeping infant in newborn baby swaddle

How do I get my baby to sleep?

Remain Calm

You have done nothing wrong. Your baby has done nothing wrong. You are a good mother, a good father, a good caregiver.

You may just have a baby that cries a lot. Absolve yourself of that guilt. This is not your fault. Some babies cry a lot and you did nothing wrong.

When trying to get a crying baby to sleep, it's important to stay calm. Remember that a crying baby is not a bad baby. It doesn't reflect on you as a caregiver. In those moments when you have done everything and nothing works, it is extremely hard to remain calm.

Practicing gratitude, prayer, and space could help. I practice thanking my baby for every stretch of sleep my baby gives me. This gratitude grounds me and helps me stay calm.

I remind myself that this stage will pass. Caring for an infant is tough.

As caregivers, we are their leaders in moments of chaos. Whatever you need to do in your caregiving practice to be a calm presence in the face of a crying baby- do it.

How do I get my baby to sleep? 

A quality baby swaddle or blackout curtains are handy items to soothe your baby to sleep. Setting a consistent routine or using infant massage are changes you can make to help your baby sleep better.

Newborn babies sleep better in environments that remind them of their Mother’s womb. Creating an environment similar to the womb can help your newborn sleep better. A newborn swaddle is a great way to do that!

Every baby and caregiver is different therefore every baby may have a unique routine. What works for me may not work for you and what works for one baby one night may not work for that same baby the next night. 

What works for me

I did not start a routine with my first until he was a year and a half. Now that I have 4 children, a bedtime routine has become one of the most useful tools to promote healthy sleep.

My children follow the routine of pajamas, brushing teeth, reading stories, singing songs, saying prayers, and sharing loving kisses. Once the older 3 are in bed, I swaddle my growing baby in the arms out swaddle, feed her, and place her in the bassinet by my bedside. At 5 months she still needs to eat a couple times throughout the night but she goes back to sleep easily in her bassinet.

Why do babies wake up during the night?

Newborn babies can wake up from the Moro reflex, colic, acid reflux, scratching their face, or an unmet need. A newborn aged 0-2 months may need feeding, a diaper change, or comfort.

A great way to provide comfort is swaddling. Look for a swaddle, like the Swaddelini, that follows AAP guidelines of “loose around the hips…snug around the chest”. Swaddles and sleep sacks that allow for movement while providing comfort are perfect. Once you find the perfect swaddle, be sure not to confuse an upset baby with a sleeping baby in the state of active sleep.

What helps babies get back to sleep?

Babies go back to sleep when someone meets their needs. This is easy if your baby is hungry or needs a diaper change. But if your baby has acid reflux or colic you will need to consult your doctor for solutions. Some possible solutions for feeding your baby include holding them upright, giving them a massage, and trying a probiotic.

If you feel overwhelmed caring for your baby, it's best to place them in a safe sleep area. Then, take a short break to calm yourself down.

Babies have trouble calming down when their caregiver is overwhelmed. If someone can hold your baby, ask them for help. This way, you can take a break and be the best caregiver for your baby. Building a support network provides that break.

How swaddling can promote better sleep

If your baby is scared from waking up suddenly from a reflex, they may need comfort from you. When your baby calms down you then need to transfer them into the crib or bassinet. This is tricky.

Swaddling can help with this transition. Swaddling helps babies feel safe, secure, and loved. Swaddling is not a replacement for holding your baby, but a soothing compliment to your bedtime routine.

A swaddle or sleep sack can help babies feel the way they felt in their Mother’s womb. When babies were in the womb, amniotic fluid surrounded them, giving a constant hug, but they could still move and kick about.

Babies can experience a Moro reflex that causes a falling sensation, often waking them up. Some babies will try to self soothe with hands by their face and scratch their face, making them even more unhappy.

Moro reflex is crucial to your baby's brain development, so you do not want to prevent it. If your baby has awoken from the Moro reflex, you can soothe your baby back to sleep by wearing a lightweight compression swaddle. 

Why swaddle with Swaddelini?

The Swaddelini has lightweight compression therapy which helps babies soothe themselves to sleep and allows the Moro reflex. The Swaddelini is the lightest weight sleep sack swaddle solution on the market at 0.7 TOG (thermal overall grade). Swaddelini is also the only seamless knit baby swaddle on the market featuring lightweight compression therapy.

If your baby needs a special Swaddelini for a medical condition, check out our medical Swaddelini products. If you don't see what you need, let us know so we can help! We believe every baby deserves comfort!

Swaddelini makes every product with love in Holland, Michigan, USA.



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