Our History

New Mom

Solves Old Problem

For new mother, Liz Hilton inventing a superior swaddle solution which could be escape-proof, soft, stretchy, breathable, safe, and comfortable became her number one priority. Hilton used her company KNITit to develop and manufacture her swaddle design called the Swaddelini. Hilton is a 3D knitting expert and used her CNC knitting machines to create the Swaddelini in one single seamless process. 

The Swaddelini features trademarked Hug Technology® delivering the sensation of a hug all night long. This feature was inspired by Hilton’s work creating compression garments for children with lymphedema and cerebral palsy.

History In The Making

Swaddelini’s mission is to provide high-quality sleep solutions using trademarked Hug Technology® compression therapy. Swaddelini is committed to sourcing ethically made yarn in the USA and keeps all production in Holland, Michigan.

When You Shop Small

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