Tested Beyond 

The Standard

Award winning and over 

1 year of product safety testing!

Third Party Tested

Tested by World Class textile safety laboratories.

+1 Year 


Over 1 full year of product safety testing prior to launch.

Multiple Awards

Swaddelini has won multiple innovation awards.

Refined & Tested 

An Entire Year

Prior to Launch

Swaddelini worked with world class 3rd party textile safety laboratories.

Swaddelini has passed CFR1610, Suffocation hazard testing, thermal testing and design hazard testing. Take a look at results!

Suffocation Hazard Testing for worst case scenario. 
Completed at world class 3rd party laboratory. 
  • Baby Tested

  • Baby Safe

  • Baby Sleep

What People Say

We love our customers! Thank you to all the Moms, Dads, Grandparents and friends who joined the Swaddelini family!