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A baby being put into a knitted sleep sack.

Why has swaddling become controversial?

Conventional swaddling has become controversial because recent medical research connects unsafe swaddles with an increase in SIDS risk.

What makes a swaddle unsafe?

Humans have been swaddling for thousands of years. Why have so many people now become skeptical of swaddling?

New studies show that some baby swaddles and sleep sacks may have problems.

For example, we know swaddling too tightly around a baby's hips may exacerbate a preexisting hip dysplasia condition. On the other hand, swaddling too loosely could increase suffocation risk.

Additionally, an infant sleep study done by Dr. Heidi Richardson, Dr. Adrian Walker and Dr. Rosemary Horne connected a reduced startle reflex to SIDS.

All this combined has led to a stigma that swaddling is unsafe.

What makes a swaddle safe?

The good news is, sleep sacks can provide a safe sleep environment for infants while providing the soothing benefits of swaddling.

Sleep sacks like the Swaddelini wrap snugly around the chest and arms of babies. This helps to comfort them while still allowing freedom of movement at the hips. This also allows babies to experience the Moro Reflex, or startle reflex. Studies show this is good for their brain development.

Many weighted swaddles restrict this reflex, which has caused concern among the pediatric community. The AAP is considering banning them for their increased risk of asphyxiation.

How to pick the right swaddle?

Picking the right swaddle is crucial for keeping your baby sleeping and promoting healthy development.

The perfect swaddle should be snug at the chest, loose around the hips, and not a weighted sleep sack. Consider shopping for the Swaddelini, a product that has undergone thorough safety testing. To view details on our safety testing please visit the safety page of our website. 

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