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What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag: Top 10 Essentials for the Mom going into labor!

10 things you need in a hospital bag.

  1. Your Labor gown. Alternatively you can do what I did and just wear the labor gown to the hospital. I walked into triage feeling like a queen and I never had to touch the old scratchy one the hospital provides.
  2. Labor Lemonade. I found this recipe in the first 40 days book and it was exactly what I needed to stay hydrated throughout my Labor.
  3. Phone and charger. Don’t forget to capture precious moments with pictures and video!
  4. Warm and cozy breastfeeding friendly outfit. I only brought one good one from Kindred Bravely because getting in and out of clothes postpartum is a hassle. I also bought it in a red color. ;)
  5. A nourishing meal. Hospital food is not the best for a new Mother. I brought fresh homemade seaweed soup. This recipe was also from the first 40 days and I love it because seaweed is good for milk production. 
  6. A Breastfeeding pillow! I forgot this for my last birth and I had to use the flimsy hospital pillows. I was so relieved to be reunited with mybrestfriend pillow when I got home. 
  7. At least one swaddelini! You do not need to be doing origami at the hospital! Nurses love the swaddelini because they do not need to take it off for the well checks and heel prick test!
  8. A nice bamboo double zipper onesie is a great option for what a baby can wear when it’s time to go home. My favorite are from my friends at Pip & Phee 
  9. Personally I like to bring some formula just in case I have trouble getting the breastfeeding thing going. I like both Kendamil and bubs, whichever you can get. Pair this with the emulait baby bottle. Better to have it and not need it than not have it and have a hungry baby and bleeding nipples. 
  10. Toothpaste and a toothbrush! So far I have forgotten these items. Every. Single. Time. Maybe you will do better than me! 

Whatever you bring or don’t bring, you are enough! Wishing you an empowering birth experience! 

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