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How to dress your baby for sleep time

How to dress your baby for sleep time

Sleep safety is the number one priority at Swaddelini.

Temperature is important for safe sleep, which is why we test our products for TOG, or Thermal Overall Grade. All Swaddelinis are 0.7 TOG or lighter, partnered with gentle compression to keep your baby from overheating.

We want you to choose the right products to fit your baby’s needs. Your baby is unique. Their sleep environment is unique. This makes it difficult to know what combination of sleep sack and layers is right for them.

That's why we've created a general infant sleep layer guide to help you determine the right sleepwear and clothing for your baby.

Sleep Sack Layer Guide

Here are some tips for choosing the right clothes for your baby to sleep in, based on their sleep environment.

61°F to 68°F

At this temperature, your baby needs several layers to keep warm during sleep. We recommend layering on two thick pajamas before putting the Swaddelini on. Wrap your baby in one of our original or bamboo swaddles to keep them warm in this cool sleeping environment.

68°F to 75°F

In this temperature range, any Swaddelini will work. If it is closer to 68°F, use a thick fleece pajama set underneath the sleep sack. If it is warmer, your baby just needs a diaper underneath their swaddle.

75°F to 81°F

In this heat, we recommend the Air Light Swaddelini sleep sack with a diaper underneath. It has a TOG of 0.5 to keep your baby cool. If the room is over 81°F, do not use a baby swaddle sleep sack or clothing to minimize the risk of overheating.

Thermal Overall Grade chart. If sleep environment is 68 degrees or cooler, use two layers. If less than 75 degrees, use 1 layer. If above 81 degrees, don't use any layers under your baby swaddle.

How to check if your baby is warm enough

After you've followed the guide above, you may want to check if your baby's temperature is right. To do that, take two fingers and touch the back of your baby's neck. If it is sweaty, remove a layer to bring their temperature down. If it's cold, remove the Swaddelini, put on another layer of pajamas, then put the Swaddelini back on.

Sleep safety is our top priority. To answer any other questions you might have about the Swaddelini, visit our FAQ page.

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