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Doulas (00:07):

Welcome to ask the doulas with gold coast doulas. I am Chris Dan and I have Alyssa and we’re here today with Liz Hilton new happens to be a birth and postpartum client of ours, and she has an amazing product to talk about. So tell us about your swaddles and where you came up with the idea and more about how we can put it into action.

Liz Swaddelini (00:30):

Okay. Well first thank you so much for having me on your, on your talk. My product is Swaddelini. It’s inspired by my first-born son, Thomas, who was a little Houdini veritable, a little Houdini got out of all his swaddles and would constantly wake up from the moral reflex. And I’m really excited about this my next baby that I’m going to be having in a couple of weeks here because now I’m equipped with a swaddle that is easy to use and protects against the more reflux and is completely kicked proof and escape proof. So, and you’ll have your own baby. I know I’ll have my own baby model. My Instagram swaddling is going to blow up with pictures of mine, but yeah, what’s different about it is that typically swaddles involve a lot of rapping or cumbersome closure systems like zippers Velcro, or God forbid snaps.

Liz Swaddelini (01:36):

So mine just goes on and off like a sock and I’ve incorporated some light compression therapy into the chest area to give the sensation of a hug all night long. So I’ve actually trademarked that as a hug technology and yeah. Yeah. And the individual tubes help keep the arms down from the more reflux. It encourages that safe sleep position of on the back and arms at the sides. And then when you need to change the diaper, there’s an easy access diaper flat. So you can change the diaper without having to take the swaddle.

Doulas (02:15):

That’s such a pain to remove the swaddle and yeah,

Liz Swaddelini (02:19):

Yeah, yeah. And I mean, it’s also adaptable. So with any baby product, you want it to adapt because all babies are different. Every baby’s different, every mom is different. So some babies like their arms out now, part of the thinking behind that is so they can, self-sooth when they do wake up from the Moro reflex. The idea with the swaddle Eleni is that that won’t happen as often because their arms are, are encouraged to be down. But if your baby insists on having their arms out, you can just leave the arms out. You’re still going to get that hug technology benefit. And the probably my favorite thing is that Ms. Swaddle is easy to put on, but also doesn’t restrict emotion. And that’s one thing that doctors have been telling moms is, you know, don’t swaddle your baby it’ll cause hip dysplasia.

Liz Swaddelini (03:15):

And that that’s just because some swaddles, like they, there’s no stopping point when you’re wrapping them or pulling the Velcro. Like it’s very easy to do it too tight. Whereas with this, it’s a four way stretch knit. It’s soft, it’s stretchy, and there’s no risk in that. And even though the baby feels hugged all over, they have freedom of movement. So if, for example, if you’re breastfeeding, the baby can if wearing the swaddle can need your breast, but can’t scratch. And the same when they’re sleeping with their face, they can touch their face, but not scratch it. So that’s another benefit

Doulas (03:55):

And you have different sizes. So as they grow bigger, their swaddle sizes based on how many pounds

Liz Swaddelini (04:02):

I’ve done it, that way, I’ve just said the smallest good, six to 12 and the large 12 to 18. The reason I did the larger one is just because there’s it, there’s that transition where your baby’s kind of rolling over to their side and you’re like, oh my God, is it going to happen? Are they going to roll over? Am I going to wake up? And my baby’s on there, you know, and you have all these fears. So with the, what I say is with the larger one, or even with the smaller one, if your baby’s toying with rolling over sooner, before they’re out of the smaller size, just take one arm and leave it out, you know? And then once they’re rolling over a lot during the day, then you can take both arms out if your baby likes to sleep with their feet out, leave the feet out. My niece slept in her, a large swaddle between like months eight and 11 until she was ready to get out. So, I mean, she was smaller though. She was smaller babies and that’s why she went so long, but she just didn’t want to, to leave it, but it was a nice transition. And yeah,

Doulas (05:07):

And you have a couple different they’re made out of different things. So I’m very curious about the process and how you make them too. We talked about it on the phone, but I thought it was very cool how you make these yeah.

Liz Swaddelini (05:20):

I have two very distinct design. So the first one I did, I made out of just a bunch of synthetic fibers that I I’ve used for compression garments that I’ve made for kids with like CP or lymphedema. And so that helps with the light compression at the chest. So that part is the same, but for, for the rest of it, it’s a moisture wicking, nylon polyester blend. So it’s it feels very lightweight, but it’s actually very cozy and it’s very soft, so you can feel that. So, so, so yes. Yeah. But at the end, the day it is a synthetic fiber, right? So I, I learned very quickly that some moms like natural fibers. So after so much research, I found a supplier of bamboo and they make this bamboo and a mechanical process versus chemical. So you’ve seen a lot of, you know, maybe bamboo ran products. So this is not that this is just a natural bamboo made in a non-chemical process. And I pair it with a really exciting new fiber. I’m actually the first in the industry to license, this it’s called 37.5. And because what it does is it regulates your body temperature to keep it at a perfect 37.5 degrees Celsius. Yeah. So that is why the bamboo swaddles are a little cooler to the touch.

Doulas (06:48):

So adult swaddles will be next. Actually,

Liz Swaddelini (06:51):

If you go on my website to the about section and watch my videos, I have my husband and in adult swaddle. Yeah. I just made one for marketing thing. And then I told my husband, I’m like, Hey, do you want to get, will you get in this? So I can do a video on YouTube? And he’s like, you’re going to put it on YouTube. No, I’m not doing this. And I’m like I had to

Doulas (07:10):

Baby [inaudible]. Yeah. So there’s now a video. He actually, I think I would. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. So I love that. It’s easy. I think.  so while we’re recording the podcast, I will record you putting it on so that maybe we hear from also show, so maybe you can kind of explain what you’re doing. Do you think it’ll work right now?

Liz Swaddelini (07:39):

Yeah, for sure. All right. So you basically just scrunch it up like a sock and then you go in feet first and you get that little the hub technology over the bucket, every area, and then you have it over the chest and then you go through the easier access diaper flat. So stick your arm through that opening at the bottom, and then go through the arm, one of the arm tubes, and then grab the hand, put that hand in yours and just slide it down. So, so that the arm is in the tube. And so now their arm can move around. Okay. But it just encourages the arm to stay down at the side. And then you just do that on the other side, so that these arm tubes are very, very stretchy and they’re, their hands are absolutely free to move around. And then the top naturally curls the opposite direction from their face. But I also have had this product tested at rural class third party laboratory, where they do a suffocation hazard test. They literally roll my product up in a ball, put it over a a fake infant face and they measure the CO2 and mine’s past every time.

Doulas (08:53):

So that was my question, you know, you’ll walk in and you’re,

Liz Swaddelini (08:56):

It’s like, well, yeah, that is absolutely fine. And if she wanted to do as, as suffocation hazard tests, you don’t need to go to on any product that you buy, what you do is you will put it again for the face and then re yeah, exactly. But my in, in the design and it does naturally like crawl away. Yes. so when you put your baby to sleep like this, he wake up like this. Yeah. And so then demonstrate, okay. Poopy diaper time. Yeah. So if we’ve got this flap here and then it, again, it’s very, very stretchy

Doulas (09:33):

As a doula. I love that. So easy.

Liz Swaddelini (09:37):

And do you recommend just like this doll had like a onesie underneath us as like, oh yeah, definitely. Definitely. Right. Temperature. Even, even just a diaper and socks is fine. So yeah, I get that question a lot. It’s really like what you’re comfortable with, what your baby’s comfortable with. If they’re really tiny and they’re getting, maybe they’re sliding, if their arms are so small, they’re sliding out, you can put a one Z like the sleeves on it, then that friction between the fabric will keep it on. But typically yeah, just this, this stuff is fine. So then yeah, you get access to the diaper. You, you do the diaper and then, you know, you can put it right back on and you don’t have to take it off and then taking it off also is very easy because you just pull it, pull it down. It’s actually easier with the, with the real baby. You can do it all in one motion. Sticky. Yeah. I know. I’ve gotten that a lot where that moms are like, oh, I didn’t know it was going to be this easy. So that’s always good.

Doulas (10:42):

Fantastic. So, and obviously you have different designs, you brought some samples with you. There’s a fun, fun to orange and yeah.

Liz Swaddelini (10:53):

So you say that because the design is pretty much the same. The only difference are I have are the colors and then the fiber. So the blue, pink, orange, and gray here are all in the moisture-wicking synthetic fiber. And then these more neutral colors, this neutral, like white Pearl and this cloud gray those are the bamboo and, you know, the best-selling ones are like the grays, the gray in both the synthetic and bamboo and the orange, because everyone loves neutral facials.

Doulas (11:27):

For sure. The

Liz Swaddelini (11:28):

Way this is made is in a really interesting process. So one of the benefits of the swaddling is that it’s seamless and it’s seamless because it’s actually manufactured in one piece in one process using flatbed WEF, net technology, commonly referred to as 3d knitting kind of like the Nike 3D Knit shoes. So it’s the same technology. And I have a machine that knits all of these in my garage. So I make them all myself. I don’t have some manufacturer in China that I outsource this to. So it’s very, very, very local and it’s a, it’s actually, my life’s work has been 3d knit programmer for over 10 years now. And working primarily in technical knitting solutions for actually all this furniture and automotive and aerospace and stuff like that. But when I had my baby, my first baby two and a half years ago, I had an idea to use that same process to solve my prop swaddling problem. And so that’s what became swung.

Doulas (12:36):

That’s amazing. And then you had said like, there’s like a couple of tiny stitches. You have to do yourself and the very, very top,

Liz Swaddelini (12:43):

Because it’s all made with this one and of yarn at the very top,

Doulas (12:47):

Pull it, pull it

Liz Swaddelini (12:49):

Through a loop and then yeah. That’s the final thing that I do. Yeah. And it’s so on these cute little tags with washing information.

Doulas (12:57):

Yeah. I was going to ask, what is the wash? So

Liz Swaddelini (12:59):

For the synthetic fiber, it is I reckon it very much recommend cold. It will shrink up a bit, but honestly, if that happens to you, let me know, you know, I can work so I can work something out with you. Cause I don’t want someone to like get it and have it shrink, you know? So it’s yeah, I, I recommend that and then air drying, it is fine. But for the bamboo ones, I actually prewash them any natural unscented detergent. So they’re already preshrunk. They won’t shrink anymore. You can wash and dry them in heat. But they I still recommend cold just because it, it would just for longevity

Doulas (13:41):

Things look better. I washed all my stuff in here. I just laughed so much. Well, thanks, Liz. Excellent. Appreciate you coming in. And how did they order more fines you were, if you’re a client, you can get a discount code for any of our clients that we can give them. But how does everyone else what’s the best way to order these

Liz Swaddelini (14:03):

On my website at If you want to learn more about my product before you buy it, I highly recommend going on my Instagram @swaddelini, because there I have a lot of moms on there and that have shared their videos of how they use it because every mom might use my product differently.

Doulas (14:31):

It’s great for the visual of learners. Yeah. I’m going to add this to my newborn class repertoire, because I think some people get overwhelmed with the old fashioned swaddle. And like you said, you have a really strong baby to pop out of that thing. So yeah. So it’s a great option and they’re super cute, especially about the band they are. We will definitely check in with you after hours and we can see, you know, how it’s working with your own baby after development and hear your birth story. If you’re willing to share the love stories. I know, well, I’m really excited to have to support this time because I didn’t last time and definitely regret [inaudible]. That would be awesome. Yeah. Thanks for taking the time.  you can find our podcast on iTunes and SoundCloud and also on our website. These moments are golden.