About Swaddelini

Swaddelini is the soft, stretchy and seamless solution for all your swaddling problems! Swaddelini is the world's first 3d knit escape-proof baby swaddle. It is engineered with arm tubes to protect against moro reflex, face scratching and has Hug Technology® built into the chest area to give the sensation of a hug all night long. There is an easy access diaper opening at the bottom so the feet stay warm but you still have easy diaper changing access so there is no need to take the swaddle on and off in the night!

There are two different tiers of the Swaddelini.

Swaddelini Original is made with a moisture wicking synthetic blend.

Swaddelini Bamboo-37.5 is made with Bamboo and a proprietary fiber which helps regulate body temperature in the microclimate.

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The Swaddelini is proudly made in downtown Grand Rapids, MI.

$1 of every Swaddling sold goes to the American SIDS Institute.

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